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The New York City is considered as the most populated cities in the world. It’s truly said that New York is the city which never sleeps. So, this busy city is also famous from the tourist point of view. The people of New York also loves to explore their city.

Things to do when you visiting New York City are mentioned below;


Don’t take a taxi, maybe you felt it too expensive and let you stuck in the traffic. While visiting New York visitors should catch a metro ride because it’s cheaper and very easy to reach your destinations.


Explore and visit the Metropolitan museum of art as it always has been a good idea. Museum presents 5000 years of more than 2 million works of art presentation done in the past. One should visit the museum.


New York’s first impression is the statue of freedom, as it is listed among the wonders of the world. All year round, visitor travel just to share the beauty of the statue.


Most of the city’s remarkable and noteworthy attractions are around or within the central park. Things to do at the central park includes dining, visiting the zoo, exercising and more. Nightlife and nightclubs are also famous among young people.


Times Square is usually known as The Crossroads of The World. One can’t finish his tour without visiting this place, filled with billboards and bright lights.


New York is also known as film lover’s spot. Go to film forum and watch all the movies you can otherwise or else read about in New York Times.


Among all the things to do while you visit, shopping at the city center is one of the. Shopping might seem a simple thing to do, but you’ll love and enjoy shopping a little more in the New York City as you find everything a little different and better.


Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy your visit to the New York City. Walking through the bridge, head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Amongst all the things to do in your life, one must visit New York. Explore the city and know yourself a little more.

The Different Types Of Nightlife In NYC


New York City is the place to be if all that you want is to enjoy the best nightlife in the world. New York city night out is a night to remember. There are different types of nightclubs in NYC, to meet any taste. You can easily find a club that matches your tastes, preferences, and age group. Whether you like vocal performances, salsa clubs NYC, live cover bands or vocal performances, New York City is full of options.

When looking for a club, consider your music taste and the type crowd you prefer. If you want to hang around trendy younger people, you will find the crowded clubs that are full of youngsters to be the best choice. There are many clubs in New York that have a young urban professional environment.

Those who love salsa and want a night of intense dance, loud music, lots of alcohol, and unlimited fun should visit salsa clubs NYC. These are the places where salsa lovers can be seen trooping to during any day of the week. As the week grows old and Friday beckons, clubs start recording increasing numbers. Peak attendance to salsa clubs is usually on Fridays and Saturdays.

Fine salsa nightlife is what any salsa lover always desires. When the night is still young and the body still energetic, the beats of salsa will be hard to ignore. They will make someone to rise from his or her seat and take a jig.

For those who love rap music, there are plenty of options to explore. Most rap musicians can trace their roots back to NYC. Actually, a good percentage of upcoming rappers made their debut in this city. You can dance to the palpitating beats of rap or you can simply sit back and relax. Whatever you choose to do, you can rest assured that rap nightlife in NYC will be one of those nights to remember.

Rock nightlife is what every true metal head craves. True rockers know where to get the best fun in New York City. There are Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Green point and Williamsburg where the rock music is always fresh. If you are into classic rock, you need not worry because New York has everything you are looking for.

There are those who want a night of live music. Exclusive nightclubs in NYC usually host well-known celebrities on a regular basis. Live music is best enjoyed in company. Therefore, the perfect night out is one that involves close acquaintances. If you are a tourist in New York, it is easy to find company. Most New Yorkers are always ready to mingle. A single person will easily find a good match in a New York nightclub.

The best nightlife in New York is in midtown Manhattan. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect NY night out, think of places such as Greenwich Village, Chelsea and the meatpacking district. The world’s most famous nightclubs, music clubs, and bars are in New York City. The best salsa in the world is in salsa clubs NYC. As Frank Sinatra once said, “NYC is the city that never sleeps.”

New York City on the Cheap


The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. The Capital of the World. Center of the Universe. With all these appellations given to New York City, it must be on the bucket list of many people, both Americans and non-Americans. Unfortunately, the price of a New York City vacation and tour can be as high as the new One World Trade Center. That is, if you do not know where to look.

The first place to look into is how to get to New York. For those living in neighboring states, a bus ride is the cheapest way to go. You can find discount buses that are clean and comfortable on the Net, with some even featuring Wi-Fi. Trains are also an option, although long distance train travel can prove to be more expensive than flying. Riding a bus or train coming to the big city gives you the advantage of not having to pay for parking garages that are prohibitively expensive, not to mention having to deal with the near-impossible task of parking in New York City streets.

Once in New York, you’ll need a place to crash. There is a site called whose members offer their couches, floors, or spare bedrooms free for their traveling members. Membership is global but in New York, there are about 4,000 of them. Check out their site before leaving. Apart from a free place to sleep, they can probably offer you great advice on how to see their city.

If you would rather pay for the privilege of sleeping in someone else’s home, visit They offer the same kind of sleeping arrangements as the CouchSurfing members, except that you get to pay a minimal fee.

Eating in New York can be pretty stiff if you like to eat in posh restaurants. Many New Yorkers, however, will tell you that the best way to experience local culture and food is to look for cheap eats, because that is what most of them eat. Just look around the corner and if you see people queuing at a food stand, join them. A visit to Chinatown is probably the ultimate in saving on food, yet Chinese dishes are known to be delicious and scrumptious.

A place to sleep in and to eat often make up to bulk of a tourist’s expenses. With the above options, you can probably extend your stay in New York City for a few more sleepless nights.

The Five Boroughs of New York City

New York_City

It is rather difficult to come up with a common definition of “borough” as it means different things to different peoples. In New Jersey, it means a self-governing incorporated town, while in Alaska it is a civil division of the state, much like a county in most other states. In New York City, a borough is one of its five administrative divisions. The five are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens.

Modern New York City was formed in 1898 when Manhattan and the Bronx (which were cities within New York county at the time) were consolidated with the independent city of Brooklyn along with several municipalities in Kings County. Adjacent areas were incorporated as well. Areas in the western portion of Queens County became Queens Borough, while the whole of Richmond County was included in the consolidation as Staten Island Borough. Eventually, the Bronx County would be carved out of the County of New York. The area of Queens County left over from the formation of Queens Borough, would later be established as Nassau County. Owing to these developments, the five boroughs of New York City are now coextensive with their counties, as follows: New York County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens County, Queens, Bronx County, Bronx, Staten Island, Richmond County, and Kings County.

When these boroughs were formed, all county, city, and town governments within the geographical area were dissolved. Governance was centralized in a government headed by a mayor as the executive and a unicameral legislative council consisting of 51 members.

The boroughs, for their part, are represented by a borough president but there is no legislative body. They have their own borough hall, except that Manhattan does not call it a borough hall but the Manhattan Municipal Building.

The president, however, has minimal executive powers. Indeed, many observers see the office as largely ceremonial. However, they do have the opportunity to provide advice to the Mayor on matters relating to their respective boroughs particularly on land use and their budgets. They have a small discretionary fund for borough projects, and they can create and chair Community Boards.

Since the New York City boroughs are also counties, they elect their own district attorney. They also get to elect judges, but once elected, the judges can serve anywhere within the city.

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