Katra club is one of the most famous clubs of New York City. The club is based on a Moroccan theme with unique interior and exterior. Katra club has the duplex lounge. The clubs offer hookahs and drinks. The Katra club offers the flavored smokeable tobacco hookah. The drinks are usually rums, whiskey, juices, alcohol, and liquor. The club offers pillow-filled banquettes. The club offers the flavors and spices from classical Middle Eastern and Moroccan culture. The club is famous for its lasting influence of French cuisines. The sweet and savory flavors and tasty bites of the delicious cuisines will satisfy your hunger. All types of appetizers are served with the taste of red onions and red pickled pepper. The foodies nationwide come to the most exciting club of the times. The Katra club has the lasting influence of French cuisines. The club is famous for its cuisines and décor. The tasty and delicious cuisines are served with the most flavorful drinks and beers. All types of refreshing drinks are served at the club. Rums, whiskey, cognac, beers, alcohol, champagne, liquor, tequila and much more are served.

The dress code of Katra club is simple and unique. The attire should be sexy, stylish, trendy and elegant. No baggy attire is allowed. Ladies and gentle should look classy.

Another most significant clubs of New York City is the Taj New York. Taj is a two-floor cocktail lounge. The architect and theme of this luxurious club are based on an Indian inspirited décor. It is a famous special event space.

The Taj New York is a fully furnished club along with well-maintained surroundings. It is decorated with sandstones, carved teak, dancing Shiva’s and woodwork. Copper topped bar, the bar decorated is based on artistry inspired by India.

Appetizer, buffet brunch, dinner and bar these four categories are set up for the people so, that people can easily choose what to eat. The drinks menu includes the world leading wines. Beers and refreshing drinks are also served at the bars. The Taj New York arranges all types of events like wedding and birthday and adds up beauty to all of your life precious moments.

The DJ spinning the latest hits lit up the atmosphere. Rock the dance floor by dancing on the up to date collection of songs. Be a part of the two most elegant clubs of New York City.


If you want to enjoy the summer season, clubbing is one of the most entertaining activity. As it is hot outside, head towards the most luxurious rooftop clubs of NYC and enjoy your weekends. The New York City is full of best rooftop clubs Hudson Terrace club and sky lounge NYC is the trendy clubs of NYC.

Both of the clubs have the eye-catching sky line views. Overlooking the Hudson River, Hudson Terrace Club provides you with the best city views. Hudson Terrace Club is a two-leveled trendy club. It is an elegant and a lavish club with the most stylish interior and décor. A greenhouse and year-round deck that provides the most mesmerizing river views.

Sky Lounge NYC is a Bi-level night club. The architect of sky lounge NYC is based on the indoor as well as outdoor sitting arrangement. Enjoy the best and across the board city views be being present at the sky lounge NYC. Coffee colored theme ceilings. The club is lightened with LED lightening.

These rooftop clubs have a focus on of the most important thing that is music. The music played in the rooftop clubs is pop, rock, hip-hop, remixes, classical top 40, and R&B music types. These different types of music let the people rock and roll on the ample dance floor. Move your booties, shakes your bodies, and move your hands up in the air and lit up the atmosphere. The amazing live performance and concerts with the perfect high above the sky view make an amazing combination. Hudson Terrace club and sky lounge NYC have dress codes that are trendy, stylish but net clothes. For ladies, heels are a must and for boys no baggy attire, athletic gear is not allowed. Ladies and gentle no hats and boots are allowed.

The manager and staff of Hudson Terrace Club are so cooperative. The sky room lounge features the most talented DJ’s and dancers that perform on the dance floor. The professional dancers move the body with the beats of the music.

The retractable glass roof and scenic glass walls provide the most stunning views. The interior and exterior are deliberately designed that upgrades your rooftop night life experience memorable. Have an experience of clubbing that gives you only positive vibes.

Come along with your loved ones at the best roof clubs of New York City and enjoy the night out.


As the city of New York is full f party lovers, therefore, a lot of partying spots, clubs, and lounges are opened in the streets of New York City. One of the most popular clubs is 40 40 NY. 40 40 clubs is also known as Jay Z club, but popularly it is known as 40 40 clubs. It is a sports club. The club is furnished, and the interior is eye opening. Caramel brown and gold is the color theme of the club. The reflective and shiny surfaces along with gold baseball bats line the wall. The comfy sofas and couches let the people feel relaxed at the box styled sitting area. Upstairs there are private rooms for the people. The manager of the 40 40 NY forbids to wear baseball caps, sneakers. 40 40 NY is famous for its packages and bottle services. If it’s your engagement or birthday don’t forget to avail the best packages and bottle services of 40 40 club New York.

Plan your night out at the best club 40 40 New York. Choose the flavorful bottle mixes from the bottle menu and make your girls/guys night out exciting. The bottle menu ranges from all types of liquor to the chilling frozen cocktails and beers.

Another most stunning club of New York City is the marquee club. The marquee club is one of the most popular night clubs. Many big events are arranged at the Marquee club. The marquee club is the colorful multi-tiered dance club. The club is full of LCD’s and LED’s. Huge 30 foot’s ceilings and the luxurious walls of the clubs attract plenty of night owls.

Marquee calendar NYC is full of many special events. The upcoming events are celebrated at the club with excitement. Marquee calendar NYC is full of many wonderful and exciting events. The mega events like Halloween event, Christmas, Independence Day event, New Year eve and much more are celebrated at the Marquee club. Special arrangements are made for the special events. Don’t forget to show your ticket to the door men before entering the party.

Marquee calendar NYC has many massive events waiting for you so come and reserve yourself at the Marquee club for being a part of the exciting events. Buy tickets for the live concerts and live shows that are going to start at the Marquee club. Book an event and experience the best night events at the Marquee club NYC.


As the summer season arrives people all around New York make their ways towards the best rooftop lounges NYC. These lounges are built on the city’s beautiful locations to worth the look of amazing views from these rooftop bars. The rooftop lounges are crowded mostly in a warm season. People gather to experience the outdoor activities, refreshing cocktails, and dining with a view of city’s best rooftop clubs.

The best rooftop lounges NYC offers the most amazing menu for the summers. You just can’t resist the happiness of eating your heart out with the yummiest food. The bottle service of these clubs is a major source of people interest. The refreshing drinks are the best way to kill the heat. The best rooftop lounges NYC are built to give you the most amazing skyline view that nobody wants to miss it. The infrastructure is made by keeping in view to give the comfortable exhibit. The romantic lights and colorful decor makes the drinking harbor more attractive and seeks people attention. The venues of these bars have mind blowing views that grant the visitors to explore the city.

Parties are so common nowadays, everywhere. But if you are a New Yorker and you have an urge to party then you should turn yourself to book the tickets of best parties in New York tonight. Party means music; the music is the way to boost up your mind and soul. The parties in New York tonight allow the musicians to come and show their talent to the world in the live performances. The music that has been played in these parties is the hip-hop, rock, pop, deep house, remixes of classical and much more on the list. The dance performances are also a source of entertainment for the visitors. The dance forms include salsa, strip dance and erotic dance that makes you move your booties with the beat. The dim lights and smoky environment give the soothing and calm effect to your soul.

These parties became the center of attention for the drinking purposes. The parties in New York tonight give you the best experience of drinking by their wide range of drinks. These drinks include shots, vodka, beer, wine, cocktails, tequila, fresh juices and creamy shakes as well. All these drinks lit up the atmosphere of the clubs.

If you are a party lover, be a part of the best rooftop lounges NYC.


New York City or simply New York is the most populous city. NYC is recognized for its nightlife. The clubs of New York City are always crowded with the young guys and girls. The clubs of NYC are luxuriously crafted and decorated with the world huge ceilings and artistry work. The wooden and glass floors of the clubs attract some people to experience New York clubbing.

New York clubbing becomes more fantastic if the music is loud and rocking. With the best music collection, the crowd of the New York clubs lit up the atmosphere and surroundings. Fun and excitement are at the peak when the DJ plays the latest remixes from 90’s. The clubs of New York features world class, talented and professional DJ’s, who knows the needs of New York clubbing. Music is the most important element that makes any gathering cheerful and joyous. Therefore the clubs of New York City plays the best music types. Rock, pop, hip-hop, remixes deep house and 90’s classic rock music types are played at the clubs and makes New York clubbing spectacular.

There is a lot of partying spots in the city of New York that are designed on different themes and ideas. As the summer season comes in, the rooftop clubs of NYC are crowded with the people. These rooftop clubs give the most eye-catching views from high above the sky. The bottle menu changes and adds up frozen drinks like chillers, cocktails, flavored juices, and creamy shakes. Similarly, as the warmth season start the underground or basement clubs are filled with the party lovers. Whatever the new season is, nobody can stop the party lovers of New York from New York clubbing.

One more thing that makes New York clubbing stunning is the dance parties arranged at the clubs of New York. The clubs feature the most talented and professional dancers that perform on the dance floor and let the people feel relaxed. The mesmerizing dance of the dancers lit up the atmosphere. The dancers perform salsa dance, strip dance or erotic dance and Spanish dance at the ample dance floors of New York clubs.

Come along with your partner, friends, and colleagues and enjoy the perfect night out at the New York clubs. Explore the nightlife of New York City and have a wonderful experience of New York clubbing.


The New York City is considered as the most populated cities in the world. It’s truly said that New York is the city which never sleeps. So, this busy city is also famous from the tourist point of view. The people of New York also loves to explore their city.

Things to do when you visiting New York City are mentioned below;


Don’t take a taxi, maybe you felt it too expensive and let you stuck in the traffic. While visiting New York visitors should catch a metro ride because it’s cheaper and very easy to reach your destinations.


Explore and visit the Metropolitan museum of art as it always has been a good idea. Museum presents 5000 years of more than 2 million works of art presentation done in the past. One should visit the museum.


New York’s first impression is the statue of freedom, as it is listed among the wonders of the world. All year round, visitor travel just to share the beauty of the statue.


Most of the city’s remarkable and noteworthy attractions are around or within the central park. Things to do at the central park includes dining, visiting the zoo, exercising and more. Nightlife and nightclubs are also famous among young people.


Times Square is usually known as The Crossroads of The World. One can’t finish his tour without visiting this place, filled with billboards and bright lights.


New York is also known as film lover’s spot. Go to film forum and watch all the movies you can otherwise or else read about in New York Times.


Among all the things to do while you visit, shopping at the city center is one of the. Shopping might seem a simple thing to do, but you’ll love and enjoy shopping a little more in the New York City as you find everything a little different and better.


Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy your visit to the New York City. Walking through the bridge, head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Amongst all the things to do in your life, one must visit New York. Explore the city and know yourself a little more.