Katra club is one of the most famous clubs of New York City. The club is based on a Moroccan theme with unique interior and exterior. Katra club has the duplex lounge. The clubs offer hookahs and drinks. The Katra club offers the flavored smokeable tobacco hookah. The drinks are usually rums, whiskey, juices, alcohol, and liquor. The club offers pillow-filled banquettes. The club offers the flavors and spices from classical Middle Eastern and Moroccan culture. The club is famous for its lasting influence of French cuisines. The sweet and savory flavors and tasty bites of the delicious cuisines will satisfy your hunger. All types of appetizers are served with the taste of red onions and red pickled pepper. The foodies nationwide come to the most exciting club of the times. The Katra club has the lasting influence of French cuisines. The club is famous for its cuisines and décor. The tasty and delicious cuisines are served with the most flavorful drinks and beers. All types of refreshing drinks are served at the club. Rums, whiskey, cognac, beers, alcohol, champagne, liquor, tequila and much more are served.

The dress code of Katra club is simple and unique. The attire should be sexy, stylish, trendy and elegant. No baggy attire is allowed. Ladies and gentle should look classy.

Another most significant clubs of New York City is the Taj New York. Taj is a two-floor cocktail lounge. The architect and theme of this luxurious club are based on an Indian inspirited décor. It is a famous special event space.

The Taj New York is a fully furnished club along with well-maintained surroundings. It is decorated with sandstones, carved teak, dancing Shiva’s and woodwork. Copper topped bar, the bar decorated is based on artistry inspired by India.

Appetizer, buffet brunch, dinner and bar these four categories are set up for the people so, that people can easily choose what to eat. The drinks menu includes the world leading wines. Beers and refreshing drinks are also served at the bars. The Taj New York arranges all types of events like wedding and birthday and adds up beauty to all of your life precious moments.

The DJ spinning the latest hits lit up the atmosphere. Rock the dance floor by dancing on the up to date collection of songs. Be a part of the two most elegant clubs of New York City.

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